ENVEX provides dust suppression system solutions for raw material processing in cement plants that can be used for feeding bunker, raw material crusher, conveyor belt transfer points, tripper car stacking, linear stackers, circular stackers and for other dust formation points that occur due to effects from wind on clinker, iron ore, coal, clay, gypsum, limestone etc.

ENVEX also provides fog cannon solutions for lineer and circular stackers’ stacking process. ENVEX fog cannon dust suppression system water supply is provided with automatic hose reel systems (under ENVEX patent) on stacking machines that allows uninterrupted supply of water to fog cannons on stacking machines. This application prevents waste time in process instead of conventional tank feed water supplied dust suppression system.   

Lineer Stacker Applications

Circular Stacker Applications

Tripper Car Applications

Gyratory Crusher Applicationns

Double Rotor Crusher Applications

Conveyor Belt Transfer Points Applications

Bunker Loading Applications

On Platform Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System
On Trailer Fog Cannon with Diesel Power Generator and Water Tank