Who Are We?

ENVEX, a manufacturing company involved in Dust Control Systems. This entity is spearheaded by a philosophy that places emphases on Research & Development together with years of on-field testing in order to not only lead the sector but also to bring a product to the market place that can surpass all expectations. ENVEX has expanded it’s international operations which includes the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe and North America by establishing offices in Germany, The United States and last but not least The Dubai. This monumental investment is proof that ENVEX is fiercely racing towards its ultimate goal which is to become the leader in the sector. ENVEX proudly presents its patented products to the marketplace within which after an extensive period of R&D in its own laboratories, the fundamental foundations of solid Know How were developed for the sole purpose of strengthening its position amongst its competitors. ENVEX serves tailor made and standard solutions to a variety of industries including Crushing and Screening Plants, Cement Plants, Port Operations, Iron and Steel Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Concrete Plants, Mining Stock Areas, Bulk Material Loading Unloading, Evaporation, Cooling, Freeze Prevention (Industrial – Agricultural), Odor Prevention, Building & Demolition enterprises. ENVEX Dust Suppression System is tailor-made for custom applications when required, therefore the environmental impact of industries can and will be tightly controlled. ENVEX solution to our degrading human habitat is to use technology for the preservation of life.
ENVEX has been conducting joint studies with many public and private organizations through its industrial identity. ENVEX has organized trainings and briefings for these organizations to increase awareness and to show its determination to become a “go to source” in the sector regarding dust control systems. ENVEX is serving the global industrial organizations with tailor made High Pressure Single Fluid (Pressurized Water Pulverization) Dust Suppression System and also Double Fluid (Water atomizing with Compressed Air) Dust Suppression System to facilities that are encountering dust problems. In addition to the aforementioned, ENVEX provides atomized water mist spraying together with mobile stationary fog cannons for dust and odor problems in open areas.
As Envex, We Offer Solutions We Developed
With Our Own R&D Unit